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Vibrant Metallic Watercolor Set
Vibrant Metallic Watercolor Set
Vibrant Metallic Watercolor Set
Vibrant Metallic Watercolor Set

Vibrant Metallic Watercolor Set

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Painting the Galaxy with shiny stars like a pro! 

Our Vibrant Metallic Watercolor Set includes the perfect colors to add a gorgeous touch of rich shimmer to your projects! This magnificent art set features an artist level high-quality watercolor that gives a glittering effect to your artwork and makes it more vivid and vibrant with its unique mix of iridescent colors. 

Highly pigmented and gives a lustrous effect when used on both white or black drawing papers, it produces excellent transparency and diffusion, high saturation, and ideal for mixing and blending of your favorite color and effect.

Perfect for highlighting artwork or individual use, this watercolor set is highly resistant to discoloration and fading, so it is effective in preserving your artwork.  With the compact design, it is easily portable so that you can create your masterpiece wherever and whenever you want!  


  • Shining & Vibrant Colors:
    Unique metallic watercolors infused with shimmering pigments to provide a lustrous liquid metal finish.

  • Unique Glittering Effect:
    Pre-mixed with a shimmering medium that gives your artwork a special highlighted metallic and glittering effect. 
  • Premium Material:
    Formulated with extra rich and smooth mix of quality pigments that give these paints excellent diffusion and perfect for blending and mixing. 
  • Long-lasting Paintings:
    Designed to be resistant to direct sunlight, and will not fade or discolor, and dries super fast while maintaining the quality of your artwork. 
  • Easily Removed & Replaced:
    Different colors placed in individual small removable boxes so you can arrange the colors any way you want. 
  • Compact & Portable:
    The compact size makes it convenient to carry and suitable to use paint anywhere and anytime.  
  • Safe & Non-Toxic:
    Each color in this metallic watercolor palette is AP Certified and safe for artists of all ages. 
  • Complete Painting Set:
    Comes with water and paintbrushes, cleaning cloth, and watercolor paper for instant watercolor painting. 


  • Material: Gum Arabic, OX Grall
  • Color: 12 Colors


  • 12 colors x Metallic Watercolor
  • 1 x Water Brush
  • 1 x Thin Brush
  • 1 x Pencil
  • 1 x Rubber
  • 1 x Sponge