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Natural Hair Regrowth Ginger Cream
Natural Hair Regrowth Ginger Cream
Natural Hair Regrowth Ginger Cream
Natural Hair Regrowth Ginger Cream
Natural Hair Regrowth Ginger Cream

Natural Hair Regrowth Ginger Cream

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Get that awesome hairstyle in a flash...

Hair has psychological and sociological importance throughout the ages in framing the personality and general appearance of an individual. Significant progress is being made on discovering an effective and safe drug for hair growth. In spite of a flood of drugs claiming to be useful as hair growth promoters, more rational strategies, which can target the problem areas or stages of the hair growth cycle effectively, are still awaited. 

Well, the long wait is over because the Natural Hair Regrowth Ginger Cream is finally here! It is an all natural hair spray that is specifically formulated with an all natural, advanced and effective ingredient that repairs damaged hair and helps increase hair growth and bring back the lost hair instantly. It replenishes the nutrients lost in the skin after depilation and prevents the hair from drying out and keeps the hair smooth.

Made of 100% natural ingredients including ginger extracts which is super safe to use and gentle on your hair follicles. It infiltrates into the hair roots activating the dormant hair follicles and accelerates hair growth. It replenishes lost hair nutrients and nourishes the scalp which gives birth to strengthened new hair growing on bald patches or thinning areas.


  • Powerful Growth Blend :
    Our formula made from Olive Leaf, and super boosted by the addition of Allantoin, Panthenol -Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E will help target areas with rich nutrients

  • Strong & Thick Hair :
    Our nourishing formula strengthens thinning and weak hair resulting in noticeably thicker, fuller and healthier hair. 

  • Healthier Scalp:
    This leave-on treatment moisturizes and soothes dry scalps. 

  • Moisturizes Hair:
    Vitamin E and Shea Butter combined  is proven to be a lightweight formula that can be used to moisturize and nourish the scalp and hair.

  • Premium Quality Ingredients:
    Ginger extract is known for achieving strength and providing elasticity which also protects from breakage and split ends.

  • Safe & Gentle:
    Our lightweight formula can be used by both men & women. It is very gentle yet provides amazing results. No harsh or unpronounceable chemical ingredients. Color safe. Lightly conditions for soft, manageable hair.


  • Net Weight: 30 g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Natural Hair Regrowth Ginger Cream