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Magnetic Weight Loss Ring
Magnetic Weight Loss Ring
Magnetic Weight Loss Ring
Magnetic Weight Loss Ring
Magnetic Weight Loss Ring

Magnetic Weight Loss Ring

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A Magnetic Ring That Helps Cutting Your Weight

A study shows that magnetic rings will help reduce fat on different parts of the body when worn on certain fingers. Acupressure points on the hand correspond to various parts of the body. By "stimulating" these points, you increase your metabolism, thus processed foods more efficiently. Fatty Acids are flushed through the system rather than being deposited.

With our Magnetic Weight Loss Ring, you can reduce bloating and start to feel pounds lighter! It allows you to burn fat without an extreme diet & exercise. Unlike other dangerous & expensive products. This is a healthy & natural way to lose weight using the power of acupuncture. It is safe & easy to use.

It is designed to fix your imbalance of energy by applying constant pressure on a strategic acupuncture point that acts on weight loss. The magnet in the rings can emit magnetic force on the acupuncture points, which has the largest effect on losing weight and boosting your immune system. A non-invasive medication, 100% safe for everyone.


  • Magnetic Therapy - An all-natural form of alternative medicine using magnetic therapy to relieve ailments and lose weight.

  • Health Benefits - Promotes weight loss, detoxifies body, reduces inflammation, boosts immune system and promotes circulation.

  • Mental Healing - Absorbs negativity from the body, removing stress, worry and anxiety.
  • Fashionable Accessory - Doubles as a stylish accessory you can wear with any outfit.
  • Different Colors - Available in different colors for the best match to your style.
  • Non-Invasive, 100% Safe - Easy to use and non-invasive. Simply put on the ring and it does all the work for you.
  • High-Quality Materials - Made of safe, durable, and eco-friendly copper, so you can wear it anytime. 
  • Fits All Sizes - Has an adjustable opening so that one size fits all. Perfect for both men and women.


  • Material: Environmental Protection Copper
  • Colors: RoseGold, Gold, Silver, Black
  • Size: One Size Fits All

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Magnetic Weight Loss Ring