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High Tech Penetrating Glasses
High Tech Penetrating Glasses
High Tech Penetrating Glasses
High Tech Penetrating Glasses
High Tech Penetrating Glasses

High Tech Penetrating Glasses

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Provide your eyes with the ultimate protection!

Are you tired of having difficulties finding the right anti-glare eye protection? Glare is the excessive brightness caused by direct light or reflected light. It often occurs when sunlight bounces off a reflective surface like water or snow. Phones, tablets, and computer screens lit by LEDs can also cause glare thus affecting one’s vision.

Try this 2021 Penetrating Glasses, the ultimate solution for your vision needs. These polarized glasses are designed to keep you from squinting against bright conditions and keep you safe during night time.  It is super light in weight that makes you forget you are wearing it, making it the perfect item to bring along with your adventure. 

These innovative sunglasses can darken and return to normal by themselves to help shut down the dazzling sunlight, ensuring comfortable eyesight at all times. The smart photochromic lenses that adjust to brightness or darkness thus, the colors are more vivid and vision is brightened during sunny days and allows you to see clearer at night. Perfect protection for outdoor, driving and also blocks droplets that carry bacterias and viruses.


     Works both day and night to give the protection needed, help you leave the hassle of changing different glasses. 

    Intelligent perception & photochromic technology that could change the color to dark color with the sunlight intensity faster. 

    Can reduce eye strain by continuously adapting to changing light conditions with its UV400 protection lens

    Comfortable design with flexible frame to fit different sizes of the face and anti-slip leg that stays in place all day. 

    More durable and flexible and have better impact resistance and scratch-resistant performance and anti-glare performance. 

    Ultralight sunglasses reduce the pressure on your nose and temples



  • Color: Black, Gray

  • Weight: 26g


Package Includes:

  • 1 X High Tech Penetrating Glasses