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Anti-Slip Sole Protector
Anti-Slip Sole Protector
Anti-Slip Sole Protector
Anti-Slip Sole Protector
Anti-Slip Sole Protector
Anti-Slip Sole Protector
Anti-Slip Sole Protector

Anti-Slip Sole Protector

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Slip when walking in your favorite shoes?
Our Anti-Slip Sole Protector brings peace of mind by invisibly avoiding slip and fall accidents with steady walking while prolonging your sole's life.

Grinding crystal clear surface design with 3M technology, it is self-adhesive, durable, water-proof and easy to fit all kinds of shoes such as ladies' shoes, high heels, boots, sandals, sneakers, etc. simply with trace, cut and apply.

Made with solvent-basedmilitary strength tough material, it can withstand dirt, mud, oil and any wet or rigid surfaces, which ensures walking safety and maintains the gorgeous appearance of your shoe soles.  


  • Anti-Slip Safe Walking:
    Reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents when walking 

  • Invisible Protection
    Grinding crystal clear design with 3M technology to provide premium and anti-scratch protection to your soles without sacrificing the appearance of shoes

  • User-friendly:
    Self-adhesive, simply trace, cut & apply to fit any shoe soles

  • Military Strength Adhesive:
    Solvent-based pressure sensitive acrylic making it very strong and water resistant for long-term safety

  • Semi-permanent Installation:
    Once bonded to a surface, won't come off easily

  • Removes With No Residue:
    Easy removal without damaging your soles

  • Versatile Use for Home Safety:
    Besides applying on shoe, also perfect for stairs, steps, bathrooms, showers, garages, ramps, loading docks, boats, pools and more to ensure home safety, especially for families with young children and elderly


  1. Remove any dirt and residue from the shoe soles with a damp cloth (if applicable) 
  2. Trace the shape of the soles on to the back of the tape
  3. Cut out the exact shape of the shoes sole
  4. Tear off the label at the back for self-adhesion
  5. Apply it firmly to the clean soles


  • Material: Non-toxic PET plastic
  • Color: Transparent 
  • Size: 50 (L) x 10 (W) cm
  • Thickness: 1.3mm
  • Usage: Approx. 1 pair of high heels,  single sneaker/ boot/ men's shoe per tape roll


  • 1pc x Anti-Slip Sole Protector